Mr. Bozeman comes to the Intergenerational Schools with a breadth of experience. He is a former school teacher and principal, civil rights trailblazer, and the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s driver. No wonder, the students are absolutely enthralled by him!

Students are Eager to Learn

As Mr. Bozeman walks into the classroom, he greets each student, asking what they did over the weekend. He takes time to talk with each student before starting his lesson for the next hour.

The energy in the classroom is amazing. The lesson begins with Mr. Bozeman retrieving several items from his bag, including ships, trucks, planes, a train engine, and even a space shuttle! His lesson for the day: How transportation not only transports people and goods, but ideas as well.
Students enthusiastically participate. They raise their hands high and wait to be called on. The students are engaged even if they don’t immediately know the correct answer. They trust Mr. Bozeman to help them figure out the solution.

An Immediate and Lasting Impact

For many students, having an adult who is willing to listen is important and necessary. Mr. Bozeman’s encouragement keeps students active during the lesson and eager to learn more. As a result of Mr. Bozeman’s steady presence, the students gain confidence and a relationship that goes beyond academics.

After working with the Intergens for eight years, an important goal keeps Mr. Bozeman coming back year after year. He said, “I want to teach the children to love themselves so they can love others. It’s important to instill compassion in them.”