Innovation in Education

For 20 years, the Intergenerational Schools have been experimenting, adapting, personalizing and innovating education for Cleveland's elementary and middle-grade students.

Over this time, we've established a culture of empowerment, collaboration and accountability to help transform the school experience for students as well as staff. Our schools measure performance alongside traditional public schools through state testing. But our structure as a nonprofit, public charter school gives us the space and freedom to blaze our own trails to meet those guidelines.


Qualities of a Thriving Intergenerational Schools Teacher:

  • You see things a little differently and embrace innovation
  • You believe education is a tool for social justice, and that every child deserves access to transformative education
  • You believe everyone in a community, from the youngest to the oldest, has value and an important point of view
  • You have a passion for teaching and a love of learning
  • You're a creative problem-solver and enjoy experimenting to find the best solutions to making ideas stick
  • You believe worksheets make great hamster cage filler but have little use for them otherwise

Benefits of Working Here

  • Retirement plan through the School Employees Retirement System (SERS)
  • Comprehensive health care through Medical Mutual
  • Vacation, sick and personal leave
  • Abundant professional development opportunities
  • Mentoring and community engagement opportunities

Teaching here...

“Teaching at the Intergenerational Schools is dynamic in the best sense of the word. As educators, we are given the freedom to get our students from point A to point B in a way that works for the individual learner and that speaks to our skills and creativity!”
- John Carroll graduate and Primary Stage Teacher Nancy Szilagyi

We're All Lifelong Learners.

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With an innovative network of three schools, we are able to provide our teachers and staff with unique growth opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. Whether you're passionate about perfecting your craft in the classroom or learning how to lead a building, we can help you chart your path.

Our teaching teams collaborate to problem-solve, develop new curriculum and monitor progress toward individual career objectives and network-wide goals. At the Intergens, we believe everyone is both a teacher and a learner, and our staff benefit from this commitment to continual professional and personal development through access to training and mentoring.

We welcome the perspectives and contributions of teachers just beginning their careers, as well as veteran educators. Your insights help shape the unique approach our schools are known for, and your time at the Intergens will forever shape how you understand what it means to teach and learn.

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Meet with Intergenerational Schools leaders at an upcoming career fair. Schedule will be updated soon. 

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We would love to welcome you to our intergenerational community. Whether you would like more information or are ready to start your application, we are here for you!

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If you have questions about career opportunities with the Intergenerational Schools, please contact Aaron Davidson-Bey, Human Resources Specialist, at

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