Throughout February, the Intergenerational Schools celebrated Black History Month and African American leaders who have and are still shaping history. Across the network, classrooms played influential music written and performed by African American musicians, read books written by African American authors featuring African American main characters, filled each school with inspiring displays and activities, and so much more.

Partners in Hope and Health

Guest speaker, Danny R. Williams, JD, MNO, LNHA, President & CEO of Eliza Bryant Village, visits TIS – East.

At The Intergenerational School – East, we hosted several speakers to share their experiences as African Americans working in the health care field with our Applying Stage (GLE 7-8) students. Each speaker shared about their academic experience and career path, engaging students in conversation around the importance of health and wellness. Students furthered the discussion by asking questions such as, “What drives you?” and, “Have you ever had the chance to meet Civil Rights Leaders?” Students returned to class with new perspectives to inform how they see their individual purpose and how they’ll follow their aspirations.

“Education is a way for you to hone your skill. Use your gifts… If you want to control your destiny as much as possible, it starts now.”

Danny R. Williams, JD, MNO, LNHA, President & CEO of Eliza Bryant Village

Lakeshore Intergenerational School led the Sickle Cell Awareness Blood Drive to support individuals living with Sickle Cell disease, the majority of whom are African American, and to help address the national blood shortage. Through the American Red Cross SleevesUp program, the entire Intergens community shared the importance of contributing to the well-being of others through supporting patient care and the blood shortage. You can still pledge to donate and find a blood drive on our campaign page.

Near West students presented African American leaders during Community Meeting.

Near West Intergenerational School Emerging Stage (GLE 1-2) students honored Black history by choosing an African American leader to study. During the February Community Meeting, each student presented what they discovered and learned about each hero. In Ms. Howard’s class, students were eager to learn and share about Mae Jemison, Jackie Robinson, Harriett Tubman and many more.

Boundless Learning

While February is over, the Intergenerational Schools continue to celebrate Black history each month through our transformational curriculum that affirms each student’s individual identity and explores how culture and community contribute to what and how we learn. As students engage in these meaningful conversations, they become equal partners in shaping their individual learning paths while contributing to the collective school experience. Just as Black history matters every day of the year, and not just February, this model of “boundless learning” helps nurture lifelong curiosity well beyond the bounds of our school days and classrooms.

Thank you to the professionals that dedicated their time to visit and share their knowledge:

Nicole Perry, owner of The Evolution MBS, founder of The F.A.A.D. Foundation and a dual Board-Certified Family and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Samantha Pierce, founder of The Christyan Jayden Project, certified Grief Recovery Method counselor and entrepreneur with a personal training business, Renegade Soul 216

Danny R. Williams, JD, MNO, LNHA, President & CEO of Eliza Bryant Village

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