Staff to Receive Second Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine the Week of March 8

As you know almost 80% of Intergenerational Schools staff signed up for the COVID-19 vaccine, and received their first shot last month beginning on February 10thAlthough we had originally hoped that the 2nd dose could be coordinated for our whole model to receive it on the same day, this ended up not being possible due to the logistics of the roll out, so each individual staff member has their own 2nd dose appointment on various days and times beginning next Wednesday, March 10th. 

These various scheduled appointments alone, create a coverage issue within the building due to our class ‘bubbles’ and having a limited number of substitute teachers available, and at home for live zoom classes. When we factor in the potential of staff having an adverse reaction to the 2nd dose, which makes some people very sick for about a day afterwards, we anticipate having even more issues and will likely result in last minute cancellation of in person and zoom classes due to teachers being sick.

No In-person Learning Or Live Zoom Classes On March 11 and March 12

In order to accommodate all staff receiving their 2nd dose, and to prepare for the potential of some staff having an adverse reaction the following day or so, we are proactively adjusting the school calendar. On Thursday, March 11th and Friday, March 12th, we will not have any in person school (buildings will be closed for all students, and there will be no live zoom classes including Morning Meeting, Small Group, Math, etc.). These will change to ½ days of remote learning, meaning we will still offer ½ day of asynchronous instruction through pre-recorded lessons and assignments for all students. These lessons will be posted on Wed, Mar 10th, and all students will have until the following Wednesday to complete them. For your child to be marked as “Present” for their attendance on these 2 days (whether a remote or in-person student), they must turn in BOTH days’ assignments through SeeSaw or Google Classroom. Teachers will assist with getting this accomplished by the following Wednesday.  

We do apologize for the inconvenience and believe this to be the last hurdle of the vaccination process, in order for the majority of our staff to be immunized, which helps to protect all of us and creates a more stable school environment moving forward.


Brooke King, Executive Director of the Intergenerational Schools