As we approach the start of the 2021-2022 school year, the Intergenerational Schools are transitioning our parent portal from Jupiter to Bloomz. As we move back into the classroom full time, we will use this platform to keep our school community connected. Bloomz will replace Jupiter and will also connect our classrooms and families through a private, secure news feed, with photo and video updates, messages from teachers, volunteer and event-signups, alerts, and more.


Bloomz combines several different tools into one, streamlining how we keep each other informed and engaged in our school community. Bloomz will replace Jupiter and will link with other tools to give you one easy place to stay connected. Bloomz will also help us share what’s happening day-to-day in our classrooms. Teachers can post photos and video—much like Facebook, but in a more private and secure setting. We can also run polls, call for parent volunteers, host sign-ups and more.


You can get to Bloomz on your phone or tablet through the Bloomz app, which you can find in your app store, or on your computer at You should have received a registration link or code in your email. Here are some video guides for joining Bloomz:

Once you’re logged in, please explore and engage with our principals and teachers, who are here to help you. You can also find a helpful how-to guide for Bloomz here. See you on Bloomz!