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See School Differently

Kindergarten is an exciting (and nerve-racking!) time of learning and growth for your entire family, and the Intergenerational Schools are here to help!

Our schools have small, multi-age classes that allow children to learn and teach alongside peers, teachers and community volunteers of all ages who serve as learning partners. Kindergarteners specifically learn alongside first and second grade students in our Emerging and Beginning classes.

Emerging students enjoying carpet time.

Kindergarten Readiness

Social-Emotional Skills

  • Separates from caregiver without anxiety
  • Cooperatively works with others
  • Cares about the feelings of others
  • follows routines and directions
  • Communicates needs effectively

Independent Skills

  • Uses restroom
  • Buttons and zips own clothing
  • Ties and/or velcro shoes
  • Cuts safely with scissors
  • Holds and uses a pencils, marker and crayon

Literacy Skills

  • Recognizes letters and letter sounds
  • Knows and writes first name
  • Listens to stories and answers questions
  • Holds a book and turns pages one at a time
  • Creates rhyming words

Math Skills

  • Counts to 0 to 20 without skipping numbers
  • Identifies numbers 0-10
  • Writes numbers 0-10
  • Sort objects by size, color and shape
  • Recognizes and names basic shapes

Everything you need to enroll your student at the Intergens

If you are having trouble tracking down a document or completing a form, don't worry! We're here to help you throughout the enrollment process. Get in touch at or call or text 216.978.0568 and we'll help you find what you need.

Here's a handy checklist to help you prepare to enroll your student at the Intergenerational Schools. You can also download this list for easy reference later.

Your completed online packet through SchoolMint.

(Remember: If you are re-enrolling an existing student or enrolling a new student in your household with existing Intergens students, you already have a SchoolMint login. Don't create a new one! If you can't find your login information, contact us at

Proof of Residency

See the sidebar for a full list of documents that can be used as proof of residency.

Your child's immunization records

Up-to-date immunization records can be submitted through SchoolMint, emailed to, or faxed to 216.XXX.XXXX.

Your child's birth certificate

The original? What details?

Proof of Residency requirements

For both new and re-enrolling families, your enrollment is NOT complete until you've submitted a proof of residency. 

This document must include your name, address and date (within the past 90 days).

As defined by law (ORC 3314.11), a proof of residence must be one of the following:

  • a mortgage or lease
  • gas bill
  • electric bill
  • water bill
  • sewer bill
  • bank statement
  • home telephone bill (not cell phone)
  • paycheck or paystub that includes guardian’s address
  • property tax bill
  • deed
  • home owner’s or renter’s insurance declaration page
  • If you and your student(s) are currently not residing in a home that you own or rent (such as temporary residence with a friend or family member), you may provide a notarized affidavit from the owner or renter of the property that states you are residing with them along with a proof of residence with that individual’s name on it.

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Growing community in your community

We're transforming the school experience for Cleveland's children and helping grow community in our school neighborhoods. No matter where you call home in Greater Cleveland, there's an Intergen school near you.


Lakeshore Intergenerational School
18025 Marcella Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44119


Near West Intergenerational School
3805 Terrett Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


The Intergenerational School - East
11327 Shaker Boulevard Suite 200E
Cleveland, Ohio 44104

We're here to help!

If you have any questions about enrollment or need help with the process,
contact Enrollment Specialist Kierra Overton at or 216-978-0568.

What Our Families Say

“Each child is different. My oldest loves the ability to engage in intense discussions in her small class where everyone is able to express their opinions. My youngest likes writing workshop. My middle child enjoys yoga and IG visits.”

“Anytime I call or email a teacher or staff at their school, I am always greeted with respect and I they solve the problem (if any) right away.”

“The staff is patient with the children. They get to know them as individuals which in turn helps them figure out how to teach them and understand their learning styles. My daughter is confident and comfortable when learning and it shows through in her work.”

“My daughter comes home telling me something new that she learned every day. She does not breeze through her work because it is too easy. She is regularly bringing home new work that blends the things she has already learned with new lessons that help the transition go smoother.”

“I think my child has benefited in numerous ways from the different cultures of kids who attend, the field trips, and the unique way of teaching.”

“I love this school, small teacher, student ratio. My son has behavior issues and the school has done so much to help us with this.”