On April 21, Lakeshore Intergenerational School hosted a Family Math Night for Emerging, Beginning, and Developing Stage (GLE K-6) students and families, the first in-person event for families since the beginning of the pandemic. This event, which drew more than 40 families, came together as the result of close collaboration and dedicated efforts of volunteers, teachers and parents. As we mark the end of volunteer appreciation month in April, as well as this week’s recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week and Global Intergenerational Week, Lakeshore’s Family Math Night is a perfect example of how volunteers, teachers and families give their time, talent and treasure to collectively create a space for meaningful connection and boundless learning.

Building Skills and Connections

Family Math Night featured a variety of school-themed math games. As families played these games together, parents and caregivers gained a deeper understanding of the math curriculum and new opportunities to observe and support their children’s individual progress toward fluency.

Lakeshore teachers, staff, and learning partners also attended and helped host the games and welcome the community back into the school building. Some of the games included “Lakeshore Land” (inspired by the classic board game Candy Land,) “Math War,” and a Flash Card Showdown—a timed competition focusing on fact fluency around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Families received their own set of Lakeshore Land to practice together at home.

Left to right: Lakeshore Principal Shawn Hallowell, Board member and learning partner Stacy Miller, and Developing Stage Teachers Laurianne Ponsart and Brittany Kozy

A Team Effort

Like TIS-East’s science fair, Lakeshore Family Math Night is the latest example of the collaboration between teachers, staff and volunteers that contributes to our culture of boundless learning. Lakeshore Principal Shawn Hallowell, Developing Stage Teachers Laurianne Ponsart and Brittany Kozy, and community volunteer Stacy Miller developed the idea and worked together to make it a reality.

Ms. Ponsart and Ms. Kozy created math games that align with classroom curriculum. Ms. Miller, who serves on the School Board, is Vice Chair of the Education and Enrollment Advisory Council, and volunteers each week as a math learning partner in Ms. Ponsart’s class, worked with Ms. Ponsart and Ms. Kozy to organize and host the event.

Developing Stage (GLE 3-4) students practice math skills with their learning partner, Ms. Stacy Miller, in Ms. Ponsart’s class at Lakeshore Intergenerational School. Ms. Miller volunteers with the class each week.

“Volunteering in the classroom as a Math Mentor is the best part of my day.  Playing math games with the students is fun and easy.  I love to see them get excited when they connect a concept from a lesson and “the lightbulb goes off.””

Stacy Miller, School Board Member and Lakeshore Math Mentor

With Gratitude

As we continue to celebrate our Learning Partners, we also recognize all of the hard work our teachers dedicate to student growth not just during Teacher Appreciation Week, but every week. Along with family involvement and so many others that contribute to seeing students thrive and grow, multi-generational opportunities like Family Math Night develop meaningful connection. The community found within the Intergenerational Schools allows for students to truly discover boundless learning in the classroom and beyond.

“Community is everything… Through home/school partnership, so many positives and benefits come for not only the student and family, but also the school. I am so grateful to Lakeshore families for their consistent involvement – whether in person or virtually – with the school.”

Mr. Shawn Hallowell, Lakeshore Principal
Students practice math skills by playing games with their families at Lakeshore Family Math Night on April 21. Families received copies of several of the games to continue the fun and math practice together at home.

At the Intergenerational Schools, we are so fortunate to be able to create these spaces where each person can use their gifts to strengthen the impact of boundless learning. Regardless of age, spirited citizens connect and guide lifelong learning experiences that are transforming the school experience for hundreds of students.

Thank you to Stacy Miller and our educators for all that you do to support lifelong learning through your involvement to connect the Intergen community.

Interested in sharing your time, talent or treasure with the Intergenerational Schools? Email us at info@igschools.org