Become a part of something that matters to Cleveland. For less than your monthly grade school milk money budget, you can count yourself among the ranks of our schools’ most important supporters through the Lifelong Learners club. Pledge a monthly gift starting at just $5 to the community-building, individuality-nurturing, innovative education that is transforming the school experience for Cleveland’s kids. 

Transformative Years, Transforming School 

When you think back on your elementary and middle school years, are you filled with fondness or prone to cringe? Most grown-ups feel a little of both—the intense joy of childhood friendships and the satisfying crack of a new notebook opening for the first time; but also, the mortifying memories of your seventh-grade haircut or the frustration of the subject you could never quite master. 

At the Intergenerational Schools, we’ve been working for 20 years to build an environment that celebrates and embraces the complexity of childhood and makes space for every kid. The boisterous drama enthusiast, the quiet one, the child who can’t sit still—everyone belongs at the Intergenerational Schools, and everyone brings gifts that enrich school environment. Your monthly gift helps preserve and grow this atmosphere across our school network. 

Choose Your Commitment 

You don’t need access to a trust fund to support boundless learning at the Intergenerational Schools. Choose a monthly giving level that suits your budget, from $5 a month to $500 a month. 

Our monthly giving levels align with the developmental stages that mark our students’ progress.

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Lifelong Learning, Year-round Perks 

Get in on the fun! We do things differently at the Intergens, and that includes our donor engagement. No lame “diamond-chip” lapel pins here! Your membership to Lifelong Learners gets you invitations to three exclusive events each year, plus quarterly drawings for cool giveaways that will strike all the right grade-school nostalgia notes and optimize your home or office (or home office!) for lifelong learning. 

We’re kicking off this year’s events with a mix-tape patio party at Jukebox in Ohio City. Join us for an after-work happy hour to listen to throwback jams from your eighth grade dance, enjoy complimentary appetizers and get to know your fellow Lifers. 

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