Welcome to The Intergenerational Schools

Kindergarten is an exciting (and nerve-racking!) time of learning and growth for your entire family and preparing your child early on will go a long way! It is just as important to focus on a child's social and emotional development, as it is academic readiness. This list can serve as a guide as you and your child prepare for the exciting transition to kindergarten!

Independent Skills:

  • Uses Restroom
  • Buttons and zips own clothing
  • Ties and/or Velcro shoes
  • Cuts safely with scissors
  • Holds and uses a pencil, marker and crayon

Social-Emotional Skills:

  • Separates from caregiver without anxiety
  • Cooperatively works with others
  • Cares about the feelings of others
  • Follows routines and directions
  • Communicates needs effectively

Literacy Skills:

  • Recognizes letters and letter sounds
  • Knows and writes first name
  • Listens to stores and answers questions
  • Holds a book and turns pages one at a time
  • Creates rhyming words.

Math Skills:

  • Counts 0 to 20 without skipping numbers
  • Identifies and writes numbers 0-10
  • Sorts objects by size, color and shape
  • Recognizes and names basic shapes

Kindergarten at the Intergenerational Schools

Kindergarteners learn alongside first and second grade students in our Emerging and Beginning Stage classes. By practicing these skills, your child will be well-prepared to thrive and grow in kindergarten at the Intergens.

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year begins on Monday, January 4, 2021. To learn more about enrolling at schools, please follow the link below.