2020 - 2021 School Reopening

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Mar. 19Re-Enrollment Deadline
Mar. 22 - 26Spring Break
Apr. 2Good Friday - NO SCHOOL
Apr. 5Easter Monday - NO SCHOOL

Everything you need to know to prepare for in-school learning

What to Bring to School


Students will need:

  • *their school computer (charged) and charger
  • headset
  • guided reading books
  • math kit
  • school supplies
  • masks
  • a water bottle with their name
  • packed lunch (optional)

*Students currently using a personal computer will be issued a school device.

What to Wear


Uniforms are NOT required. Masks ARE required.
Students should dress comfortably. Clothing with offensive graphics and/or slogans will not be permitted.

Students should bring their own properly fitting mask with ear loops. Masks must be worn inside at all times.

Students will have outside 'mask breaks'.

Social Distancing in Classrooms


On March 19, 2021 the CDC issued updated operational procedures for K-12 schools.

In elementary schools, the CDC now recommends all students remain at least three feet apart in classrooms where mask use is universal, regardless of community transmission.

Students will continue to distance at least six feet apart in the hallways and outside.

Eating at School


Breakfast and lunch will be eaten in classrooms.

All students will eat their grab-and-go breakfast and/or their lunches at their desks (unless weather permits eating outside).

Each child will eat behind their individual desk shield with their mask off.

Students are permitted to bring a lunch from home.

School Building Quarantine Protocols


The school will consult with the Cuyahoga County Department of Health on quarantines.

Click the buttons below to review various scenarios of symptoms and known exposures and our policies and expectations around quarantine and communicating with families.

Technology in the School Building


Students will access content on a computer.

During the pandemic, the use of devices ensures students at home and in school buildings have access to the same curriculum and engaged learning.

However, students will not ONLY learn on devices. Primary and Developing students will continue to receive sets of physical books.

Learning in the School Building


Students will benefit from increased structure and socialization.

Students will continue to be taught in the classroom by a highly-trained teacher (whole class and small groups), practice writing in notebooks, using math resources, and have access to other offline educational materials.

COVID-19 Vaccine Availability


All school staff are being offered the vaccine.

School staff are part of the CMSD rollout that began February 8. There is COVID-19 vaccine available for children.

When vaccine becomes available for children, unless Ohio law changes, our public schools can not require students have it in order to attend.

Have more questions? Read our FAQs, download our family guide to reopening, or get in touch with your child's teacher or principal. We're here to help.

Thrive & Grow: Boundless Learning Reopening News

Boundless Learning

School is where students learn. No matter where a student is physically located, they will be able to and prepared to engage in learning. To that end, all of our students will access education through virtual learning platforms from any setting. Boundless Learning allows for students to receive the same high-quality, intergenerational education we've provided for the last 20 years

What is Boundless Learning?

  • Learning is a developmental process
  • Learning is forever and everywhere
  • Modeling and cultivating lifelong curiosity
  • Learning beyond the physical classroom
  • Engaged learning