Parent & Family Resources

A Message to Our Parents and Families:

With digital access to schools more important than ever, consider this your online home for updates, resources and ways to stay connected to the Intergens community.

Our three schools reflect the communities they serve, but together as a network, the Intergenerational Schools are transforming the school experience for our students through a shared educational philosophy that we callĀ Boundless Learning.

Boundless Learning combines two related ideas:

  • Everything we have learned before serves as a link to what we learn today, and what we are capable of learning tomorrow. Learning is a developmental process.
  • Culture, experience and community shape each person's knowledge. Individual experiences and community culture shape what we know.

Parents, families and the broader community play a key role in Boundless Learning. You are just as much a part of the Intergens community as your student is.

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Family Tech Support

Need help navigating our virtual resources and tools? Start here, where our teachers and staff have recorded tutorials to walk you through the most common online systems, including Jupiter, SchoolMint, Google Classroom, Seesaw and other learning tools. If you still need help, please contact Tech Support.

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