As we adapt to the new routines of in-person learning this school year, I will be sharing a monthly update with our staff, families and community to share news, policy updates and opportunities for engaging with the Intergenerational Schools.

Student Physical and Emotional Safety

Authentic learning depends on students’ ability to take appropriate risks and make mistakes–and that ability relies on a feeling of physical and emotional safety. Our priority at the Intergenerational Schools is to re-establish a solid foundation of safety and belonging for every child. This is an absolute must before we can guide them to reach their academic potential.

After a very odd 18 months, these first few weeks have centered around nurturing student-staff relationships, especially for new students and those who have been learning remotely until now. Our teachers are here to work with families and children who may be struggling socially or emotionally at home or school during this major transition period. Our teachers and families are a team, and together we can set our students up for a joyful learning experience.

Updated COVID Protocol to Minimize Risk

Physical safety includes ensuring our staff, students and any visitors follow our COVID protocols at all times. Three strategies working in concert have the best chance of minimizing the risk of spreading COVID:

Universal masking:
Families can help by making sure your child’s mask fits properly (is the right size for their smaller head) and does not gap on the sides.

Our updated protocols aim for 3 feet between seated students in the classroom and 6 feet during hallway transitions. We are continuing to work with the younger students to get used to this, because it isn’t second nature when you’re happy to be back with your school friends!

Air Quality:
We made major investments in commercial-grade air ventilators that circulate and clean classroom air. Now that it isn’t quite as hot, we are encouraging open windows as well.

With our full compliance of ALL three of these measures, the risk of transmission in a classroom where a student may be COVID positive (even with the highly contagious Delta variant) is greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

Preventing Interruptions in Learning Time for Students

We are following state quarantine guidance aimed at keeping students in school. Currently, students only quarantine if they test positive, or if they have been exposed to COVID outside of school.

Masking, distancing and air quality measures work together to protect students in the classroom. Our Director of Operations, Sarah Alonso, will work with any family whose child tests positive or is exposed outside of school to determine how long quarantine lasts and when the child can come back to school.

For students who must quarantine due to a positive test or out-of-school exposure, these multi-day absences are excused, and the classroom teacher will work with each individual family on continued learning options while out of school. Unfortunately, providing a formal remote learning option, like last year, is no longer allowable for community schools due to changes in Ohio law.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force

In July, we announced the formal launch of a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force for our schools. The role of hte Task Force is to provide guidance, feedback and support in the development of a comprehensive and unified Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan for the Intergenerational Schools, and to oversee the implementation and monitoring of progress in achieving the objectives of the plan. We are now inviting family members, board members and volunteers to sit on this Task Force. For more information about opportunities to get involved, please get in touch.

Spread the Word: Spots Remain for Enrollment

We still have some open spots for students at each of the schools! New families overwhelmingly say that “word of mouth” is what brought them to us. Please let your friends, neighbors, cousins, etc. know. For specific information on which stages have openings at which schools, our Enrollment Specialist, Kierra Overton (also a Lakeshore Mom) is happy to assist. Please email her at

While this is a challenging time for our families and staff as we adapt to in-person learning, we’re thrilled to be back in schools with our students and colleagues. We’re all facing a never-ending set of brand-new challenges each and every day. Let’s take care of each other.