From teachers to front office staff to administrators, the roles vary, but the mission is the same. To recognize our team members, we will begin a Staff Spotlight Series! Every week, we will be spotlighting a staff member at The Intergenerational School.

Meet Mrs. Witt

Kelsey Witt began her journey at the Intergenerational Schools as a long term sub at Near West and Lakeshore. For the past four years, Mrs. Witt has been teaching music at Lakeshore! Mrs. Witt graduated from Bowling Green State University.

What drew you to working education?

My favorite part of school growing up was singing in choir class and it made me super happy! I want to create a place for students to feel happy like I did.

What makes our school special?

Our schools are special because our students are so artistically talented and creative!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I enjoy performing in and music directing musicals outside of school.

Meet Mr. Meegan

Mr. Meegan taught for 15 years before joining the Near West team five years ago. He attended Rhode Island College. Mr. Meegan is a PE teacher at Near West!

What drew you to working education?

Working with children has always felt like a natural fit for me, requiring an equally challenging and enjoyable effort.

What is your favorite thing about our school?

The genuine sense of community and cooperation.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I love hiking, camping, and backpacking, especially in winter, in the mountains of New England. Also, I I enjoy music, listening to records on my vintage audio system; I have a decent collection of original-pressing Iron Maiden LPs.