On Saturday, April 9, The Intergenerational School hosted its 5th Annual STEM Fair for students to showcase their projects to the Intergens community. The gym was full of students preparing the final touches for their presentations. Families, teachers, fellow students and volunteer science fair judges eagerly awaited to hear about their scientific discoveries. Dorjan Scott and Siu Yan Scott have volunteered at The Intergenerational School–East since their son started attending kindergarten in 2014. With their background and passion for science, the entire Scott family, including former TIS-East Refining Teacher, Patricia Scott, has played a big part in making the STEM Fair happen for five years.

Mr. Scott organized supplies for students to use in their STEAM classes.

During the weeks leading up to the STEM Fair, Mr. Scott volunteered his time to come into the school and help prepare supplies for students to use in Mr. Crook’s STEAM classes. Mr. Crook led Developing, Refining and Applying Stage classes through lessons that involved applying the scientific method to research and testing for projects exploring questions such as, “How did the Mars rover land?” “What do yeast eat?”, “Can a lemon generate and store electricity?” “How does gravity move marbles?”, and so much more. Students used the ideas, methods and materials Mr. Scott prepared to help develop their own hypotheses and record their findings to share at the STEM Fair.

“The Scotts are very passionate about science. They truly care about our students and seek to provide a positive learning experience throughout their STEM Fair journey.”

Mr. Crook, STEAM Teacher at TIS-East

Mr. Scott gathered friends, families and volunteers with backgrounds in the sciences to help judge projects at the event. Judges included current and former TIS-East teachers, friends and colleagues in aerospace engineering, clinical research, and many other STEM fields, as well as other TIS-East families and staff.

Applying Stage (GLE 7-8) student presents her project at the STEM Fair.

Judges evaluated the presentations based on application of the scientific method, clarity of presentation and creativity and awarded ribbons to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finalists for each stage. One of the 1st place awardees, Naomi, an Applying Stage (GLE 7-8) student, designed a brain-training video game to strengthen memory using block-based coding through the resources available at our schools. She problem-solved through technical issues and adapted her design as she progressed on her learning journey.

The 1st place group for the Developing Stage (GLE 3-4), tested their theories around the science behind the trend of “Water Bottle Flipping.” Micah, Deante, Demario, Demarion and AJ all worked together to explore how design and fill level affect the likelihood of various brands of bottled water to land upright when thrown. Through the process of experimenting and tracking the data, they discovered that the bottle shape and technique played a large part in their results. Throughout the project, they practiced working together to ask more questions and see how the evidence supported, or did not support, their hypothesis.

While it was the students’ ingenuity and curiosity that shines in the STEM Fair, Mr. Crook and Mr. Scott set the stage for this display of boundless learning. With Mr. Crook’s leadership and the support and collaboration of teachers across TIS-East, students dedicated class time to developing, both alongside their peers and individually, a scientific approach to exploring their interests and questions about how the world works. The showcase and celebration of all these efforts came together through the diligent coordination of Mr. Scott, and his team of volunteers to host the STEM Fair. In sharing his passion in ways that unlock student potential and reinforce in-class lessons, and in providing consistent support to bring a community together around a major initiative like the STEM Fair, Mr. Scott and volunteers like him are a vital part of The Intergenerational School’s community as we strive towards lifelong learning.

Thank you to the Scott Family for all that you do to support lifelong learning through your involvement to connect the Intergen community.

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