Become a Learning Partner

The Intergenerational Schools have small, multi-age classes that allow children to learn and teach alongside older adults who serve as learning partners.

Each of our 750 students work side-by-side with learning partners, where they exchange ideas, build friendships and share a love of reading. Together, we’re building a community that reaches far beyond our school walls and children’s elementary years.

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Making a Lasting Impact

For many students, having an adult who is willing to listen is important and necessary. As a result of Mr. Bozeman’s steady presence, the students gain confidence and a relationship that goes beyond academics.

After working with the Intergens for eight years, an important goal keeps Mr. Bozeman coming back year after year. He said, “I want to teach the children to love themselves so they can love others. It’s important to instill compassion in them.”

"I became a Learning Partner five years ago because for me, reading is such a vital tool in our children’s education. I try to help build their character, as well as their confidence in themselves, through the stories and lessons we learn while reading."

-Vikki Jackson, TIS-East Learning Partner

About this Opportunity

Volunteer Learning Partners commit one to three hours each week connecting one-on-one with students to practice reading or math through sharing books and playing math games. Students and volunteers learn from one another and strengthen community across generations. Join us!

Age Requirements

This project is for volunteers ages 18 and up and requires a background check, which we will provide.

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Join Us for Brunch and Learn!

To learn more about this unique volunteer experience, we are hosting three Brunch and Learns. The events will be held at 10:00 am on the following dates:

July 18th at Lakeshore Intergenerational School

July 19th at Near West Intergenerational School

July 20th at The Intergenerational School – East

Register by clicking on the links above or by emailing

Volunteer With Us!

Together, we’re building a community that reaches far beyond our school walls and children’s elementary years.